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Hi, I'm Mafalda, a freelance Designer with several years of experience across a variety of industries. I'm currently living in London and working remotely with clients around the world. 


Today my work involves creating design solutions for beautiful and engaging websites, apps and digital experiences. I also like to play with motion design, animation and 3D whenever I have the chance.



I've worked full time at Rapp UK, Joe & The Juice, and freelance at Content Crib, Creative Drive and LA G Productions. I've also had the pleasure of working on projects for Philips, HP, Vivobarefoot, Burberry, Ralph Lauren, Mont Blanc and others.

Despite the digital overturn, I begun my design journey as an Identity & Brand Designer with focus on print and editorial design. You might still see some examples of those times in my work gallery.


Interested in working with me?

Download my CV & Portfolio here.

Design by Mafalda Bernardo

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